Appendix - Acknowledgements

The staff of the California Performance Review extends its gratitude to the many representatives of state agencies, higher education and private industry, and all Californians who provided valuable input to us through our website address, telephone hotline, letters and in-person visits. The following individuals and organizations were of particular assistance in this effort and are listed below for reference.

AASHTO: Jack Basso
ABM Engineering Services: Bill Allen
Abt. Associates: Chris Logan
Accenture: David A. Ross, David A. Wilson, Jeff Wallack, Julienne VanDerZiel
ACS: W. Marshall Rickert, Vice President; P.K. Agarwal, Tobin Richardson
Adhoc Committee on Personnel: Jim Catania
Ad Savers: Jayne Barra, Sales Representative
Advocation: Charles L. Cole, President
Agricultural Council of California: Donald G. Gordon Jr., Craig S. Rust
Air Resources Board: Alan Lloyd, Chairman; William Paxson, Peter Venturini
Air Transport Association: James A. Hultquist
Alama Leticia Herrera
Alameda County Behavioral Health: Mary Thomas M.D., Director
Alameda County District Attorney's Office: Nancy O'Malley, Chief Deputy District Attorney
Alameda County Victim/Witness Assistance Center: Harold Boscovitch (Retired)
American Bar Association: John Miller, Margaret McConnell, Norman Thorp, Pat Meagher
American Institute of Architects, California Chapter: Kurt Cooknick, Nicki Dennis Stephens, Paul W. Welch Jr.
Anita Schaffner
Annette Siler
Anthony and Sons: Tony Anzelc, Scot Slothower
AON Risk Services Inc.: Kenneth S. Caldwell, Executive Vice President
APCO Worldwide Inc: Bill Romanelli
Aprea & Company: Marc A. Aprea, President
Arizona Division of Child Support Enforcement: Albert Lemke
Arizona State, Industrial Commission: Darin Perkins
Asian Pacific State Employees Association: Alex Eng, Elaine Chiao, Evelyn Chin
Association of Bay Area Governments: Eugene Leong, Executive Director
Association of California School Administrators: Bob Wells, Executive Director; Joseph Jones, Assistant Executive Director; Karen Stapf Walters, Assistant Executive Director, Governmental Affairs
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Attorney at Law, Automotive Repair Coalition: Marty Keller
Ballona Land Trust: Tom Francis
Barbara Hooker
BearingPoint: Lawrence S. Herman, Managing Director State and Local Government Alliance and Agencies; Girish Kale, Tanya Jackson, Russell Hicks, Gary Miglico, Joshua Barrow, Brenda Beranek Beverly Abbott
Bill Furry, Educational Policy Consultant
Birdsall, Wasco, and Associates:Peter Birdsall, Laura Wasco, Legislative Advocates
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology: Cindy Walton
Board of Equalization: Barbara Dingley, Betty Yee, Bill Leonard, Cindy Hanneman, Claude Parrish, Dade Powers, Eric Reslock, George Schwartz, Gerald Kit, Gilbert Haas, James J. Anderson , Kelly Reilly, Marcus Frishman, Michelle Maciel, Mike Lebeau, Neil Shah, Ray Herzig, Raye Zenter, Rich Reger, Romeo Vinzon, Rose Marie Kinnee, Tim Fairchild, Tim Treichelt
Board of Geologists & Geophysicists: Paul Sweeney, Executive Officer
Bob Campbell, Lobbyist
Bouchard Marketing Inc.: Leo McKellray
BP Oil: Ralph Moran
Bridge Urban Infill Land Development: Terezia Nemeth, Director; Lydia Tan
Brightmail: Enrique Salem, President and CEO
Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company: Ann-Louise Kuhns
Broadway Continuation High School, San Jose Unified School District: Gary Rose, Principal
Bureau of Automotive Repair: Pat Dorais
Bureau of State Audits: Nancy Woodward, Steve Henderson
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway: Juan Acosta, Director
Business, Transportation and Housing Agency: Sunne Wright McPeak, Secretary
Business, Transportation and Housing Agency: Augustine Curt, Donna Campbell, Glenn Stober, Patti Garamendi, Jeff Newman
Calaveras Council of Governments: George Dondero, Executive Director
CALFED Bay-Delta Program: Kate Hansel, Assistant Director for Policy and Finance
California Agricultural Teachers' Association: Jim Aschwanden, Executive Director
California Alliance Against Domestic Violence: Ellyn Bell, Executive Director
California American Water: Kevin Tilden
California Apprenticeship Council: Don Merrill
California Assembly Committee on Appropriations: Mary Ader
California Association for Local Economic Development: Bill Davis, Wayne Schell
California Association of Environmental Health Administrators: Justin Melan
California Association of Health Facilities: David Helmsin
California Association of Health Plans, Legal and Regulatory Affairs: Leanne Gassaway, Vice President
California Association of Information Technology Managers: Ryan Dulin, Chair
California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions: Scott Harvey, Executive Director
California Association of Managers and Supervisors: Martha Frank, Sheila Hawkins, Tony Hosino
California Association of School Business Officials: Kevin Gordon, Executive Director
California Association of Wine Growers: Karen Ross
California Bay-Delta Authority: Patrick Wright, Director
California Building Industry Association: Tim Coyle, Senior Vice President
California Center for Land Recycling: Stephanie Shakofsky
California Center for Regional Leadership: Nick Bollman, Board Member
California Chamber of Commerce: Dr. Mark Dranan, John Koeberer, Jeanne Cain
California Chapter of the American Planning Association: Collette Morse, President; Sande George, Vince Bertoni, Vice President Policy and Legislation
California Children and Families Commission: Jane Henderson, Ph.D., Executive Director; Joseph P. Munso, Chief Deputy Director, Bryan Hobson, Richard Iniquez
California Civil Rights Officers Council: Robin Corralejo
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Anne Padilla, Dale Janssen, Joseph D. Dear, Ph.D., Lawrence Birch, Leyne Milstein, Linda Bond, Marilyn Errett, Mary Armstrong, Maureen McKane, Sam W. Swofford, Ed.D.
California Community College League: David Viar, CEO
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office: Dr. Marshall "Mark" Drummond, Chancellor
California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office: Ralph Black, Brad Duncan, Charlie Klein, Charlotte Marks, Dave Hawkyard, Dean Compact, Donna Boatright, Elias Regalado, Gary Cook, Helga Martin, Kay Ferrier, Linda Michalowski, Patricia Laurent, Patrick Perry, Richard Quintana, Robert Turnage, Ron Selge, Tom Nobert
California Community Colleges: Willard Hom, John Prentiss
California Community Development Financing Institution: Marie Young, Noni Ramos, Noreen Beiro
California Conference of Local Health Officers
California Conservation Corps: Greg Edwards, Patti Keating, Wes Pratt
California Continuation Education Association: Janet Knoeppel, President/Consultant
California Correctional Peace Officers Association: Chuck Alexander, Mike Jimenez, Richard Gregson
California Council of Governments: Rusty Selix, Executive Director
California Council on Science and Technology: Susan Hackwood, Executive Director
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association: Glen Thomas, Sue Burr
California Dental Board of Examiners: Cynthia Gatlin, Executive Officer
California District Attorneys Association: David LaBahn, Executive Director; Wayne Strumpfer, Deputy Director
California Energy Commission: Jim Boyd, Commissioner; John Geesman, Commissioner; Robert Therkelsen, Executive Director; William Keese, Chairman; Karen Griffin, Susan Garfield
California Environmental Protection Agency: Terry Tamminen, Secretary; Jim Branham, Undersecretary; Anne Baker, Deputy Secretary; Rick Brausch, Assistant Secretary; Winston Hickox, Former Secretary; Florentino Castellon, Former Director; Donald Owen, Angelica Hernandez
California Environmental Protection Agency, Law Enforcement and Counsel: Maureen Gorsen, Deputy Secretary
California Exposition and State Fair Police Department: Robert Craft, Chief of Police; Clifford Green, Chief, Museum Security and Safety
California Exposition and State Fair: Norbert Bartosik, Stephen Chambers
California Farm Bureau Federation: John Gamper
California Film Commission: Lisa Mosher
California Forestry Association: David Bischel, Mark Rentz
California Foundation for Independent Living Centers: Patricia Yeager, Executive Director
California Friday Night Live Partnership: James Kooler
California Futures Network: Julia Spezia, Executive Director; Stephanie Hedeline
California Geological Survey: Michael Reichle
California Governor's Committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities: Catherine Kelly-Baird, Executive Director
California Grocers Association: Jennifer Tointon
California Health Facilities Association: Mary Jann, Darryl Nixon
California Healthcare Association: Dorel Harms, Roger Richter
California Healthcare Foundation: Sam Karp, Margaret Laws
California Horse Racing Board: Paige Noble
California Hospice and Palliative Care Association: Margaret Clausen
California Housing and Finance Agency: Richard LaVergne, Thomas C. Hughes
California Housing Consortium: Nancy McLaughlin, Executive Director; Lynn Hutchins, Maureen Higgins, Members, Board of Governors
California Housing Partnership Corporation: Matt Schwartz
California Infrastructure Bank: Stan Hasselroth, Executive Director
California Institute for County Government: Matthew Newman, Director
California Institute for Mental Health: Sandra Goodwin, Ph.D., Executive Director
California Integrated Waste Management Board: Bill Orr, Howard Levenson, James Lee, Judi Friedman, Kathy Fletcher, Mark Leary, Michael Paparian, Pat Schiavo, Patty Wohl, Steve Jones
California Law Revision Commission: Nat Sterling
California League of Cities, Water Quality Regulatory Task Force: Yvonne Hunter, Legislative Representative
California Local Government Commission: Judy Corbett, Executive Director
California Manufacturing and Technology Association: Dorothy Rothrock, Matt Sutton
California Medical Assistance Commission: Keith Berger, Executive Director; Denise DeTrano
California Medical Association: Steven Thompson
California Medical Board: Dave Thornton, Interim Executive Officer
California Mental Health Directors Association: Patricia Ryan, Executive Director; Jack Tannenbaum
California Mental Health Planning Council: Ann Arneill-Py
California Motor Car Dealers Association: Brian W. Mass, Peter K. Welch
California Park and Recreation Society: Jane Adams
California Peace Officers Association: Richard Gregson
California Planning and Development Report: Bill Fulton, Editor and Publisher
California Planning Roundtable and Co-Director of Information Center for the Environment, UC Davis: Michael McCoy, President/Co-Director
California Pollution Control Financing Authority: Steven Sakurai, Executive Director, Murray Halberman, Acting Executive Director; Kevin Woolfork
California Primary Care Foundation: Regina Boyle
California Public Utilities Commission: Susan Kennedy, Commissioner, Bill Ahearn, Executive Director, Mike Peavey, President
California Redevelopment Association: John Shirey, Executive Director
California Research Bureau: Dean Misczynski, Director; Christine Henningeld, Senior Librarian
California Resource and Referral Network: Cindy Mall
California Restaurant Association: John Kabateck, Sr., Legislative Director
California Rural Counties Task Force: George Dondero, Executive Director
California School Boards Association: Ben Bartos, Holly Jacobson , John Bukey, Martin Gonzalez, Rick Pratt , Scott Plotkin
California Seismic Safety Commission: Richard McCarthy, Executive Director
California Senate Agriculture and Water Resources Committee: Dennis O'Connor, Consultant
California Society of Municipal Finance Officers: Dwight Stenbakken, Deputy Executive Director
California Special Districts Association and California Rural Water Association: Catherine Smith, Executive Director
California State Assemblymember, Gloria Negrete McLeod, 61st District (office of): Andrew Langley, Legislative Assistant
California State Assemblymember, Jackie Goldberg, 45th District
California State Assemblyman, John Laird, 27th District
California State Assemblyman, Ray Haynes, 66th District
California State Assemblyman, Robert D. Dutton, 63rd District
California State Assemblymember Sharon Runner, 36th District (Office of): Will Smith, Chief of Staff; MikeFitz
California State Assemblymember Richman, 38th District (Office of): Dan Pellissier
California State Assemblymember Fran Pavley, 41st District: Nate Solov, Legislative Assistant
California State Assemblymember Canciamilla, 11th District (Office of): Petrea Moyle
California State Assemblymember Staff: Richard C. Johnson, Russell Lowery, Craig Reynolds
California State Assembly Committee on Human Services: John Boisa
California State Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation: Kimberly Bott
California State Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials: Michael Endicott
California State Assembly Local Government Committee: J. Stacy Sullivan
California State Assembly Republican Caucus: Peter Schaafsma
California State Assembly Special Committee on Mandates: Assemblymember Laird; Pedro Reyes, Speaker Nunez's Office
California State Association of Counties: Steve Szalay, Executive Director; DeAnn Baker, Legislative Representative; Elizabeth Howard
California State Bar: Elysa Cotan
California State Employees Association: Jim Hard, Jalin Jelincic
California State Fair Police Department: Robert L. Craft, Chief
California State Independent Living Council: Michael Collins, Executive Director
California State Legislature: Pedro Reyes
California State Library Services: John Jewell, Director
California State Parks Foundation: Barbara Hill
California State Parks: Bob Carter, Joe Waltz, Karen Meltzer, Katrina Hoover, Norma Orrick, Steve Prey
California State Senate: Bill Gage
California State Senate: Albert Chin, Lawrence Lingbloom
California State Senate: Diane Cummins
California State Senate: Ed Howard
California State Senate: Lee Angela Reid, Senior Policy Advisor
California State Senate: Senator Bruce McPherson, 15th District
California State Senate: Senator Jack Scott, 21st District
California State Senate: Senator John Vasconcellos, 13th District
California State Senator Liz Figueroa, 10th District (Office of): Ed Howard
California State Senator Sheila James Kuehl, 23rd District (Office of): Carol Wallisch, Chief of Staff
California State Senate Committee on Education: Kathleen Chavira, Principal Consultant
California State Senate Committee on Health and Human Services: Andrea Margolis
California State Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation: Gayle Miller, Martin Helmke, Rodger Dillon, Principal Consultant for President pro Tempore Senator John Burton, Eileen Roush
California State Senate Environmental Quality Committee: Bruce Jennings, Ph.D.
California State Senate Health Committee: Dr. Louis Vismara, Consultant
California State Senate Health and Human Services Committee: Ana Matosantos
California State Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee: Pat Henning
California State Senate Local Government Committee: Jennifer Swenson, Peter Detwiler
California State Senate Office of Research: Rona Levine Sheriff, Consultant
California State Senate Personnel Officer: Dina Hidalgo
California State Senate Transportation Research: Jeff Brown
California State University, Chancellor's Office: Dr. David Spence, Executive Vice Chancellor; Beverly Young, Ph.D., Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs; Jackie McClain
California State University, Board of Trustees, Secretariat
California State University, Chico: Terry Janicki, Director, Educational Services Center
California State University: Colleen Moore, Research Program Specialist
California State University: Dr. Nancy Shulock, Director, Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy
California State University, Long Beach: Carol Riley, Credential Analyst
California State University, Office of the General Counsel: Patricia B. Bartscher, University Counsel
California State University, Sacramento: Matthew Newman, Director, California Institute for County Government
California State University, San Bernardino: Dr. Stanley Swartz, Professor
California State University, San Marcos: M. Stephen Lilly, Dean, College of Education
California Student Aid Commission: Diana Fuentes-Michel, Executive Director; Max Espinoza
California Taxpayers Association: Carol Ross Evans, David Doerr, Lisa Martin
California Teachers Association: Barbara E. Kerr, President, Board of Directors
California Teachers Association, Board of Directors: Carolynn Doggett , David Sanchez, Dean E. Vogel, Joe Nunez, Lynn Faulkes
California Travel and Tourism Commission: Susan Wilcox
California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board: Cynthia Thornton, Ralph Hilton
California Union Safety Employees: Alan Barcelona, President
California Urban Water Agencies: Steve Macaulay, Executive Director
California Workforce Association: Virginia Hamilton, Executive Director
California Workforce Investment Board: Larry Gotlieb, Chair; David Militzer, Paul Gussman
California Youth Authority: Larry Smith, Mary Moorhead, Mary Wandschneider
Californians Against Waste: Mark Murray
CalPine: Ken Abreu
Camelot Consulting, LLP: Scott Hill, Vernon M. Billy, Principals
Capistrano Unified School District: Dave Doomey
Capitol Weekly: Ken Mandler, Editor
Catherine Camp
Center for Collaborative Solutions: Marianne Kugler, Vice President
Center for International Trade Development: Bev Stehli, Director
Center for Medicare and Medicaid: Susan Castleberry, Pat Daley
Center for Public Policy Priorities: Anne Dunelberg
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Peter Hollingworth, President
CH2M Hill: Robert J. Gore, Vice President, California Government Relations
Chevron: K.C. Bishop
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: Jennifer Baker, Jennifer Ickes, Vickie Sanchez
Chicano Correctional Workers Association: Suzana Aguilera Marrero
Child Support Directors Association: David Oppenheim, Executive Director
Chinese for Affirmative Action: Ted Wang
Chong Partners Architecture: Charles Higueras
Chris Cochran Productions: Chris Cochran
Cisco Systems Inc.: Anne Barrett, Executive Advisor; Gary Christofferson, Manager; Stephen Du Mont, Vice President & Global Managing Director; Cindy Edwards, Major Account Manager; Mark Noriega, Regional Manager; Tony Russi, Systems Engineer; Michael Wiseman, Major Account Manager
Citrix Systems, Inc.: Kathryn Williams, Enterprise Relationship Manager
City of Emeryville, Redevelopment: Ignacio Dayrit
City of Gardena: Mitch Landsdell
City of Grand Terrace: Steve Berry
City of Long Beach: Craig Haines, Employment Services Officer
City of Los Angeles Redevelopment Agency: Steve Andrews
City of Los Angeles: Susan Quigley, One Stop Career Centers
City of Oakland: Mark Beratta, Economic Coordinator
City of Rancho Cordova: Ted Gaebler, City Manager
City of Roseville: Patty Dunn, Community Development Director/Assistant City Manager
City of San Gabriel: Steve Preston, FAICP, Deputy City Manager
City of Simi Valley: Joe Hreha
City of West Sacramento: Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor
Classification Forum: Linda Bucchioni
Coastal Conservancy: Sam Schuchat, Executive Director
Collene Campbell, Victims' Rights Advocate
Colorado State Procurement Officer: Kay Kistner
Commission on State Mandates: Paula Higashi, Executive Director, Nancy Patton, Assistant Executive Director, Paul Starkey, Chief Counsel
Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles: Debra M. Ward
Contractors State License Board: Steve Sands, Executive Officer
Corinthian Colleges, Inc.: Mark L. Pelesh, Executive Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
Cosumnes River College: Paris Greenlee, Program Director, REBRAC
Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation: Carl Suter
County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators Association of California
County Health Executive's Association of California: Judith Reigel, Executive Officer; Perry Rickard, President; Steve Hon
County Medical Services Program Board: Lee Kemper
County of Orange Board of Supervisors: Chris Norby, County Supervisor
County of Placer: Edward "Ted" Gaines, County Supervisor
County of Sacramento: Craig Rader, Karen Tait, M.D., John Finney
County Welfare Directors Association of California: Frank Mecca, Executive Director; Cathy Senderling, Legislative Advocate
Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP: Robert Doty
CPS Human Resource Services: Dave Caffrey, Dave Tirapelle
Crocker Networking Solutions: Brad Crotteau
Daehnke and Cruz: Kevin Daehnke
Daisy McKenzie, Darlene Owen, State Senate; Kip Lipper and Senate staff
Defenders of Wildlife: Kim Delfino
Deloitte Consulting: Brian Fugere, Partner
Delta Breeze Café: Ron Long
Department of Aging: Lora Connolly, Karen Sharp, Nicole Smith, Lynda Terry
Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs: Kathryn Jett, Director
Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs: Barbara Howard, Bill Sweeney, David Feinberg, Joan Robbins, Ken DaRosa, Lisa Fisher, Lois MacNeil, Margaret Davis, Rebecca Lira, Tom Powers
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control: Jerry Jolly, Director
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control: Len Bachman
Department of Boating and Waterways: Marcia Carlock
Department of Child Support Services: Carole A. Hood, Curtis Child, Donna Hershkowitz, Joyce Coles, Joyce Henry, Patti Mizutani
Department of Community Services and Development: Tim Dayonot, Director
Department of Community Services and Development: Wendy Wohl
Department of Conservation: Darryl Young, Director
Department of Conservation: Tom Gibbs, Jim Ferguson, Jason Marshall, Dana Stone
Department of Consumer Affairs: Charlene Zettel, Director
Department of Consumer Affairs: Alice Scott, Arnold Hamilton, Art Swirsky, Bill Young, Crystal Cavellero-Machado, Curt Worden, Cynthia Graff, Debbie Baumbach, Denise Brown, Gary Weitman, Gil DeLuna, Karen Calamia, Karen Jones, Kevin Peterson, Lowell McPherson, Mary Cather, Michael Gomez, Pam Campbell, Pat Devlin, Russ Brown, Shelly Sutton, Sylvia Ramos, Walt Ritter
Department of Corporations: John Connell, William P. Wood
Department of Corrections: David Owen, Debbie Robinson, Frank Renwick, Greg Stinson, Janet Muira, Joe Armor, Karen Sukamoto, Mary Sue Bautista, Mike Knowles, Rob Jensen, Ron Capple, Stacey Lopez-Kassis, Susan Planchon, Christine Martin
Department of Developmental Services: Bonnie Banks, Cheryl Haviland, Cliff Allenby, Dale Sorbello, Deborah Aldama, James Rogers, Joan Loftin, Julie Jackson, Ken Buono, Marylou Azevedo, Max Van Orsdel, Paul Choate
Department of Education: Jack O'Connell, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Department of Education: Albert Tweltridge, Dwayne Brooks, Fred Yeager, Greg Hudson, Lee Murdock, Michael Jett, Patrick Ainsworth, Ed.D., Peggy Tolley, Phyllis Bramson, Raneene Belisle, Sue Stickel, Susan Lange, William O'Neill
Department of Fair Employment and Housing: Jill Peterson, Interim Director; Andrea Rosa
Department of Finance: Jesse Huff, Former Director
Department of Finance: Chris Hill, Connie Squires, Debbie Leibrock, Debra Reiger, Fred Klass, Jeannie Oropeza, Jennifer Osborn, Jennifer Wells, Jim Esarte, Jim Tilton, John Lloyd, Karen Finn, Linda Gage, Louise Amagen, Lynn Podesto, Mark Hill, Matt Paulin, Michael Genest, Nathan Brady, Pat Landingham, Patrick Kemp, Rob Schladale, Thomas Todd, Tom Dithridge, Tony Mader, Valerie Varzos, Veronica Chung-Ng, Walter Schaff, Wanda Kelly
Department of Fish and Game: Ryan Broddrick, Director
Department of Fish and Game: Bob Orange Jr., Carlton Moore, Debbie McEwan, Jerry Karnow, Joseph Mello, Mike Carion, Nathan Goedde, Richard Reyes, Ron Rempel, Tom Pedersen
Department of Food and Agriculture: A.G. Kawamura, Secretary
Department of Food and Agriculture: Chuck Ahlen, David Nunenkamp, John Dyer, Kim Myrman, Valerie Brown
Department of Forestry and Fire Protection: Barbara Rowe, Bob Wolf, Charlie Martin, Cindy Shamrock, Dennis Hall, Ernylee Chamlee, Luke Serpa, Mickie Smith, Roger R. Desrosiers, Ron Ralph, Russ Henly, Toni Frederickson
Department of General Services: Ron Joseph, Director
Department of General Services: Adrienne Monarez, April Gibson, Barry Hemphill, Barry Wasserman, Bob Sleppy, Carol Bowyer, Cathy Brown, Daphne Rowe, Dave Bulmer, Dave Thomson, David Keskeys, David Villanueva, Debbie Baker, Debra Bouler, Don Bridges, Dwight Weathers, Frank Davidson, Fred Luzzi, Gary Estrada, Gary Grootveld, Gary Ness, Gary Rains, Gloria Anderson, Jamie Mangrum, Jan Dietz, Janice King, Janice Rovner, Jenny Byington, Jim Derby, John Ashbee, John Brakke, John Brooks, John Hilton, June Okada, Karen Miyao, Kathleen Chovan, Kim Heartley-Humphrey, Kimberly Hunt, Kristine French, Larry Aronson, Les Fujitani, Lynn Catania, Mallie Stone, Mariel Dennis, Marianne Wetzel, Mark Mitchell, Mike Barth, Michael Mankin, Patricia Connors, Randall Martinez, Randy Brown, Richard Battersby, Richard Shedd, Rick Kirske, Roberta Hinchman, Ron Lasala, Sandra Bierer, Stephan Castellanos, Steven Casarez, Steven Smith, Terri Stevenson
Department of Health Services: Sandra Shewry, Director
Department of Health Services: Alan Muck, Angelica Gutierrez, Anna Ramirez, Anne Arroyo, Anne Novak, Barbara Materna, Bill Schmidt, Bob Tousignant, Brenda Klutz, Carolyn Pierson, Cheryl Arias, Clay Larson, Daniel McCarroll, David Spath, Debbie Prinzo, Debbie Smith, Deborah Dubroff, Denise Arend, Diane Ford, Donna Beeson, Donnata Moreland, Doreen Miller, Dr. Robert Schechter, Ed Stahlberg, Eileen Eastman, Ellen Buchanan, Erin Whitsell, Fulton Lipscomb, M.D., George Cunningham, Glenn Takeoka, Grant Gassmon, Irvin White, Jacki Partain, Jackie Jones, James M. Waddell, James T. Quinn, Janet McKee, Janey Butner, Janice Inglish, Jayna Querin, Jeff Blackmon, Jeff Kemp, Jerry Stanger, Jim Klein, Jim Watkins, John Mendoza, Jon Rosenberg, M.D., Karen Nickel, Kari Sachs, Kathleen Zelazquez, Ken August, Kevin Melrose, Kevin Reilly, Larry A. Malm, Larry Brown, Larry Lance, Les Newman, Linda Allison, Linnea Sallack, Luis Rico, Maria Enriquez, Marianne Lewis, Mark Helmar, Marty Bornstein, Mary Lamar-Wiley, Mary Lichtenberger, Mary Menz, Mary Philip, Mary Rose Repine, Maura Donovan, Melissa Walk, Mervyn Perera, Michael Alexander, Michael Quinn, Michael Hughes, Michele Van Ichen, Michelle Yepez, Nadine Feletto, Nancy Smith, Neptaly Aguilera, Norma Tucker, Page Ingram-Doyle, Patricia Achevarria, Patricia Morrison, Patricia Perez, Paula Patterson, Pete Olsen, Peter Baldridge, Phil Hinton, Philip Scott, Placido Dinsay, Richard Bayquen, Richard Jackson, M.D., Richard Rodriguez, Richard Spinner, Richard Sun, Rik Martinson, Ron Piluron, Roy Johnson, Ruben Gonzales, Sharon Ernst, Sharon Grigsby, Sharon Long, Stan Rosenstein, Steve Soto, Steven Rawiszer, Sunni Burns, Susan Royo, Tara Good, Tod Beach, Tom McCaffery, Victor Biancini, Wayne Duguid, Winston Mesaku, Jerry Stanger, Diana Ducay, Judy Gelein
Department of Homeland Security: Michael Levy, Deputy Director
Department of Housing and Community Development: Judy Nevis, Julie Snyder, Linda Wheaton, Norm Sorensen
Department of Industrial Relations: John Rea, Acting Director
Department of Industrial Relations: Len Welsh
Department of Insurance: Dale Banda
Department of Justice: Denise Cimino, Georgia Fong, Joan Kirtlan, Steve Napaolli, Jim Schiavenza
Department of Managed Health Care: Ed Foulk, Kip Gilbert, Lew Chartrand, Robin Fried, J.D., R.N., Saralea Altman, Tom Gilevich, Warren Barnes
Department of Mental Health: Stephen Mayberg, Director
Department of Mental Health: Alfred Nicholls, Carl Elder, Carol Hood, Cindy Radavsky, James Shearer, John Rodriguez, Kathy Styc, Mardel Rodriguez, Mel Voyles, Michael Borunda, Norm Black, Ruben Lozano, Stan Johnson, Teri Barthels
Department of Motor Vehicles: Ann Barsotti, Audry M. Lee, Clint Swift, Dorothy Hunter, Eric A. Chapman, Gale Severns, Ginette C. Williams, Jean M. Shiomoto, Jeff Mansur, John Quijada, Judi Fabretti, Judy Allen, Kathy Keating, Larry Campbell, Larry P. Fritz, Lee Kercher, Linda Bryant, Linda S. McCormick, Linh Nguyen, Lynn Armentrout, Marsha Porter, Mimi Khan, Rachel Jacinto, Ray Ford, Richard Wright, Rudy Modelo, Ruth Slaughter, Sally Walker, Sandi Darden, Shamim Khan, Susan McBride, William F. Wihl, Andrew Cowan, Cathy Bassett
Department of Parks and Recreation: Ruth Coleman, Director
Department of Parks and Recreation: Crawford Tuttle, Don Wallace, Karen Scarborough, Lisa Mulz, Lynn Rhodes, Margie Popoff, Michael Harris, Mike Crisman, Randy Sederquist, Sal Goshorn, Sandra Ikuta, Tom Domich, Walter P. Gray, III
Department of Personnel Administration: Mike Navarro, Director
Department of Personnel Administration: Brian Koepp, Camille Goodwin-Boyd, Dave Combies, Dave Rechs, Evelyn Hemenover, Frank Marr, George Steinert, Jerri Judd, Jim Meleski, Josie Fernandez, Julie Chapman, Karen Lynch, Marilyn Moran, Robert Clifford, Sue Kane, Wayne Kurahara
Department of Pesticide Regulation: Paul Helliker, Director
Department of Pesticide Regulation: Barry Cotez, Dave Duncan, Mac Takeda, Susan McCarthy
Department of Real Estate: Connie Ross, Kay Priest
Department of Rehabilitation: Catherine Campisi, Ph.D., Director, John Doyle, Kerry Grimaldi, Michael Paravagna
Department of Social Services: Barry Bernstein, Bruce Wagstaf, Calvin Rogers, Charles Williams, Deborah McFadden, Donna Carter, Gloria Merk, Jeff Hiratsuka, Karen Cagle, Karen Grace-Kaho, Karlyne Amaral, Linda Nissen, Lonnie Carlson, Lyn Vice, Michelle Schmitt, Pat Sutherland, Ray Story, Sophie Cabrera
Department of the California Highway Patrol: Brian L. Hagler, Chris Morgan, Jan Carr, Jim Young, Kevin P. Green, Mike DePaola, Rich Wetzol, Robert Metzker, William Harry
Department of Toxic Substance Control: Ed Lowry, Director
Department of Toxic Substance Control: Barbara Coler, Bill Ryan, Bob Borzelleri, Caren Trgovcich, Dorothy Rice, Jeff Wong, Linda Janssen, Megan Cambridge, Michael Berriesford, Richard Bailey, Rodney Fong, Stan Phillippe, Watson Gin
Department of Transportation: Arthur Lichtman, Bimla Rhinehart, Brian Smith, Bruce Behrens, Bruce de Terra, Cathy Chapin, Cheryl Nevares, Cynthia Gomez, Dan Nguyen, Dani Fischer, Ferninand G. Milanes, Gary Winters, George Cory, Gerry Esker, Gilbert Tafoya, Gregg Erickson, Jeff Pulverman, Joanne Ottens, John Taylor, Judy O'Day, Kurt Walter, Larry Orcutt, Marcella Harrison, Mark Hariri, Martin Cromwell, Megan Retke, Melissa Thompson, Nigel Blampied, Pat Weston, Patricia Kuhar, Randell Iwasaki, Randy Steen, Richard Wehe, Robert A. James, Robert Copp, Ron Frank, Russ Wenham, Steve Alston, Tom Sanborn
Department of Water Resources: Lester Snow, Director
Department of Water Resources: Ben Williams, Brenda Main, Jerri La Rue Higgs, Jerry Johns, Jim Libonati, Kamyar Guivetchi, Kathy Kelly, Lucinda Chipponeri, Lynn Baker, Mark Cowin, Marsha Prillwitz, Mary Ann Benny-Sung, Mary Smith, Olivia Guebara, Peggy Bernardy, Pete Garris, Rod Mayer, Sonny Fong, Stein Buer, Stephen Kashiwada, Teresa Chaney, Thomas Speer, Tom Glover
DFJ-Frontier Venture Capitalist: Jon Gregory, Managing Director
DGA Associates: David G. Ackerman, President
Dice, Inc.: Jason Medick
Dick Brothers
DoITT 3-1-1 Citizen Service Center: Dean Schloyer, Executive Director
DOW Chemical: Christine Henry
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District: Alan Colombo, Kelvin Lee
East Bay Habitat for Humanity: Jim Bergdohl
East Bay Regional Park Dist.: Pat O'Brien
Eclipse Solutions: Josetta Bull
Eco-Interactive: Anne Happel
Economic Development Corporation: Jim Zauher
Economic Strategy Panel: Bill Simmons
EdFund: Becky Stilling, President
EdVoice: Christopher Cabaldon, President
EJC Consulting: Eileen Jacobowitz
Electricity Oversight Board: Eric Saltmarsh, Executive Director
Electronic Data Systems: Dennis Dworman, Virgie Giles, Director; Betty Hillman, Dick Callahan, LeAnne Scott, Marybeth Ryden, Maureen Finmand, Shannon Glasscock
Elk Grove Unified School District: Constantine I. Baranoff
Ellison, Schneider & Harris, LLP: Chris Ellison, Jeff Harris
Emedicalfiles: Mark McCall
Emergency Medical Services Authority: Richard E. Watson, Interim Director
Employment Development Department: Barbara Milton, Bill Burke, Bob Affleck, Bob Hermsmeier, Brenda Bunnell, Carol Frost, Carol Stephens, Dale Morgan, Dave Freitas, Dave Rexius, Deborah Bronow, Dennis Petrie, Diana Fong, Diego Haro, Don Hughes, Eric Hendrickson, Greg Gibson, Herb Schultz, Jack Budmark, Jeff Wyly, Jerry Clark, Jose Luis Marquez, Karen Iwata, Ken Marks, Leahy Sherry, Leon Arcuri, Linda Buccioni, Loree Levy, Mark Heilman, Mark Lowder, Martha Overman, Martin Kashenvaroff, Melissa Ochoa, Michael Evashenk, Michael Fujimoto, Richard Marks, Sally M. McKeag, Sean Richardson, Sherry Leahy, Terese Butler, Tom Bates, Vera Sandronsky
Entertainment Industry Development Corporation: Kathleen Milnes
Environmental Liability Management: Terry Smith
Eskel Porter Consulting, Inc.: Bryan Gillgrass, Vice President; Greg Schuett, Director
Examination Supervisors' Forum: Barbara Warner, Chairperson; Karen McKensie
ezgov: Christie Acker
Fair Political Practices Commission: John Wallace, Luisa Menchaca
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Kevin Clark, Casey Deshong
Federal Highway Administration: Tom Howard, Jennifer Mayer, Diane Teese
Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California: Barrie Becker, J.D., State Director; Stephanie Rubin, J.D., Deputy Director
Flagler College/State Board of Education: Dr. William "Bill" Proctor, Chancellor
Florida State Agency for Workforce Innovation: James Finch, Chief of Staff
Florida State Workforce Investment Board: Mike Switzer, Policy Director
Florida State, Agency for Health Care Administration: Kimberly Smoak
Florida State, Department of Revenue: Joann Sapolsky
Florida State, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Loretta Costin
Florida State, Fish and Game Commission: Susan Weaver
Florida State, Health and Human Services Agency: Ben Harris
Florida State, Intergovernmental Relations, Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations: Marsha Hosak, Executive Director
Florida State, Office of Education: Sandra Keen, Charles Wooten
Foothill High School: Joanne Fortson
Foster and Kinship Care Education, Woodland Community College: Cherie Schroeder
Foundation for the California Community Colleges: Larry Toy, President and CEO
Franchise Tax Board: Gerald Goldberg, Executive Officer, Will Bush, Joan Keegan, Marlene White, Allen Lung, Benjamin Miller, Bob Frank, Bruce Langston, Dave Cook, David Maxwell-Jolly, Denise Mellor, Frank Spinelli, Frank Werry, Gigi Smith, Gina Gonzalez, Jason Willoughby, Jeannette Gibson-Williams, Jennifer Sallee, Jerry Mountjoy, Jim Durborough, Jim Yates, Joan Rabang, John Davies, Julie Hamilton, Kellie Haggerty, Lazaro Bobiles, Leslie Ladoo, Lynette Iwafuchi, Margo Braun, Maria Enriquez, Mark Shijo, Mary Esparza, Michael Childress, Michelle Ezray, Mike Alberti, Pat Pavone, Renee Gibson, Robert Schmidt, Ron Dotta, Ronda Ellingsworth, Sally Bennett, Sandee Lee, Sharon Elledge, Sharon McKelvie, Steve Ashton, Titus Toyama, Vicky O'Kelly, Phil Spilverg, Cathy Cleek, Ann Miller, Carol Williams, Connie Aceves
Free Market Technologies
Fresno Community Conservation Corps: Paul McClain, Executive Director
Fresno Council of Governments: Barbara Goodwin
Gambling Control Commission: Dean Shelton
Gambro Dialysis Center: Maureen Dolan
Gartner, Inc: Mike Hewitt, Executive Director; Michael Gerrard
General Electric Company: Fred Pannell
General Services Administration: Liz Belenis, Michelle Rodgers
Getz Public Relations: Tracy Getz
Global Identity Solution: Daniel Combs
Glocol, Inc.: Dr. Harsh Verma, Director (R&D)
Golden Capital Network: Jon Gregory, CEO and President; Scott Lenet
Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles California: Glen Kazahaya
Good Source: Tracy Komata
Governmental Advocates, Inc: Cliff Berg
Governor's Energy Advisor: Joe Desmond
Governor's Office of Emergency Services: Dallas Jones, Director, Gina Buccieri-Harrington, Grace Koch, John Isaacson, Paul Jacks
Governor's Office of Planning and Research: Jan Boel, Interim Director, Erin Larson, Scott Morgan, Terry Roberts, Claudina Nevis
Governor's Office: Kimberly Yee, Deputy Cabinet Secretary; Chris Updegrove, Rick Updegrove
Governor's Mentoring Partnership: Langbehn, Executive Director; Oscar Villegas, Deputy Director
Governor's Office of Military Facilities: Jim Spagnole
Governor's Office on Service and Volunteerism: Marie Moretti, Executive Director; David Muraki, Interim Executive Director; Johannes Troost
Great Valley Center: Carol Whiteside, President
Greenberg Traurig LLP: Greg Trimarche
Greg Roth
Griffin & Associates: Denise Delmatier
Harbor Community College, California Performance Review Student Forum: Ai Matsubara, Aunice Reed, Carina Ferrari, Jose Fernandez, Luis Godoy, Matthew Esquivel, Paul Urrutia, William Loiterman
Harvard University: Jerry Mechling, Professor
Health Access of California: Beth Capell, Anthony Wright, Executive Director
Health and Human Services Agency Data Center: Bob Austin, Interim Director, Cal Rogers, Chris Denham, Christine Dunham, Ken Burns, Richard Keene, Russ Fong, Sam Farr, Tom Jones
Health and Human Services Agency: Kimberly Belshé, Secretary, Carlos Ramos, Agency Information Officer/ Assistant Secretary, Susan Diedrich
Health Net of California: Dave Meadows, Vice President State Health Programs
Health Officers Association of California: Bruce Pomer, Executive Director
Health Rights Hotline: Elizabeth Landsberg JD
Heritage Foundation, PRI: Steve Hayward
Hewitt Associates: Johann DeKayser
Hewlett Packard: Peter Karolczek, Vice President; Chris Connors, Larry Welch, Grant Easton
Hill and Knowlton: Rich Halberg, Vice President
HMC Architects: Dennis Dunston
Home Economics Teachers Association: Fred Jones, Legislative Advocate
Hospital Focus, LLC: Glen Kazahaya
House of Ruth: Barbara Hope, Executive Director
hp Invent: Kristine Berman, Director; Lon Hoss
HUD-BEDI Grants: Frank McNally
Huls Environmental: Michael Huls
IBM Corporation: Johnny Barnes, Vice President Global IT Solutions and Standards
IBM Corporation: C. Garrison Ziff, Gloria Fitzpatrick, Jim Fitzpatrick, John Kamensky, John Murdoch, John R. Allen, Mark R. Zasso, Michael Sylvia, Mike Verona, Mike Zimmerman, Norm Naes, Randy K. Parrett, Sandra Kataoka, Steve Irvine
ICG Government: John Thomas Flynn, Former California State CIO
Illinois State, Bureau of Blind Services: Paul Drake
Illinois State, Division of Medical Programs: Steve Rudolph
Illinois State, Office of Rehabilitation Services: Paul Whirl
Imperial County Office of Education: Damon Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Business
Information Systems Security Association Sacramento Chapter: Michael Kelley, President
Information Technology Association of America: Carol Henton
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies: Alicia Gable
Intel Corporation: Dave Slater, Derek Hays, Lance Miller, Leslie Dorosin, Mary Beth Story, Paul Butcher, Paul Misso, Ray Rossi, Richard Hall, Robert E. Welch, Terry Godfrey
International Public Management Association: Robert LaVigna
International Union of Operating Engineers: Ron Glick
JLS Consulting: John King
J.P. Morgan Inc.: William Brennan, Tom McLaughlin
Janofsky & Walker LLP: Paul Hastings, Peter Weiner
Jobs and Economic Growth: David Crane
Joint Committee on Preparing California for the 21st Century: Heather Barbour
Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for Education: Stephen Blake, Consultant
Judicial Council of California: Larry L. Sipes, Sheila Gonzalez, Tina Hansen, William C. Vickrey
Kahl/Pownall Advocates: Frederick Pownall, Mike Kahl
Kahn, Soares and Conway: Stan Van Vleck
Kaiser Family Foundation: Isadora Gill
Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center: Dr. Steve Black, Co-Director
Kaiser Permanente, Division of Research: Ms. Joan Schwalbe, Kaiser Data Consultant
Kaiser Permanente: Stuart Eckblad, Bob Eisenman
Kansas State, Child Support Enforcement Division: Ralph Malott, Chief of Administrative Services
Kentucky State, Department of Labor: Steve Forbes
Kern County Water Agency: Lloyd Fryer, Tom Clark
Kiefer Consulting: John Mufich
Knauf, Shaw, LLP: Linda Shaw
Koch: Ann Mizoguchi, Karen McCready
Labor and Workforce Development Agency: Victoria L. Bradshaw, Secretary
Labor and Workforce Development Agency: Edward K. Kawahara, Greg Riggs, Jamie Fall, Robert Dresser
Lang, Hansen, O'Malley and Miller: Bev Hansen
Latham & Watkins, LLP: Mike Carro
Law Offices of Patrick R. Sabelhaus: Patrick R. Sabelhaus
Law Offices of Susan Brandt-Hawley: Susan Brandt-Hawley
Leader to Leader Institute: Frances Hessellbein, Chairperson
League of California Cities: Chris McKenzie, Executive Director, Daniel Carrigg, Lisa A. Lawson, Natasha Fooman
League of Constitutional Voters: Pete Price
Legislative Advocate for Lenny Goldberg and Associates: Lenny Goldberg
Legislative Analyst's Office: Chris Guyer, Dana Curry, Farra Bracht, Jennifer Kuhn, Julie Salley-Gray, Lisa Mangot, Mac Taylor, Marianne O'Malley, Mark C. Newton, Mark Iebel, Michael Cohen, Michelle Bass, Paul Guyer, Paul Warren, Ray Reinhard, Robert Manwaring, Shawn Martin, Steve Boilard, Todd Bland, Todd Clark
Legislative Council Data Center: Dennis Dreiling
Legislative Counsel: Daniel A. Weitzman, Diane Anderson
Lehman, English, Kelly and O'Keefe: Jeannie English, Governmental Advocate
LexisNexis: Todd Lowdon
Linda Magill
Little Hoover Commission: James Mayer, Executive Director
Little Hoover Commission: Toby Ewing
Livingston and Mattesich Law Corporation: Gene Livingston, Jim Mattesich
Local Health Plans of California: Cherie Fields, Chief Executive Officer
Loomis Union School District: Jack Day, School Board Trustee
Los Angeles Community Conservation Corps: Bruce Saito, Executive Director
Los Angeles County Administrative Office: Daniel Wall
Los Angeles County Health Services, HIV Epidemiology Program: Gordon Bunch, Director
Los Angeles County Mental Health: Marvin Southard
Los Angeles County Public Health Officer: Jonathan Fielding, MD
Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation: Wally Baker, Senior Vice President
Los Angeles HUD Regional Office: Raymond Richardson
Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority: David Yale
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board: David Bacharowski
Los Angeles Unified School District: Anita Ford, Jim McConnell
Los Rios Community College District: Jacquelin Bell, Director of SBDC, Louise Winkelblack, Trish Caldwell, Ph.D., Valerie Carrigan, Walter Di Mantova
Lottery Security Division: Scott Ralston
Louisiana State: Lisa Lusk
M.E. Shay & Company: Mary Ellen Shay
Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board: Joyce Iseri, Irma Michel
Mark A. Danis, David Fisher, Joseph Harper, H.T. Vaught
Mary Griffin and Associates: Mary Griffin
Massachusetts State: Alice Sweeney
Massachusetts State, Procurement Officer: Philmore Anderson
Massachusetts State, Rehabilitation Commission: Elmer Bartels
Maximus: Robert Britton, Kathryn Lowell
McDonough, Holland & Allen pc: Robert Rubin
Mediation Offices of Patricia Lee Connors: Patricia Lee Connors
Mendocino Council of Governments: Larry Wright
Mendocino Council of Governments: Phil Dow, Executive Director
Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller, & Naylor LLP: Gene Erbin
META Group: Val Schriber
Metropolitan Transportation Commission: Steve Heminger, Executive Director
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, State Water Project Resources: Tim Quinn, Vice President; Kathy Cole, Ron Gastelum
Michael Stanton Architecture: Michael Stanton
Michigan State, Department of Community Health: Tom Braun, Denise Fedewa
Michigan State, Department of Environmental Quality: Ron Smedly
Michigan State, Rehabilitation Services: Tammy Russo, Lori Shader-Patterson
Microsoft Corporation: Roger Britton, Roger Bruist, Neil MacMullan, Craig Russell
Mike Barr, Lobbyist for Pilsbury Winthrop
Mining and Geology Board: John Parrish
Mirant: Ann Cleary, Vice President
MJP Advocacy: Mark Pawlicki
Molina Health Care: Joe Parra, Director of Governmental Affairs
Molina Health Care: Mark L. Andrews, Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Monterey County Department of Behavioral Health: Robert Egnew, Director, Retired
Monterey County Department of Social Services: Elliot Robinson, Director
Morrison & Forrester LLP: Charles Moll
Multi-State Lottery Association: Wayne Dolezal, Chuck Strutt
Munroe Consulting: Tappan Munroe, Principal
Murdoch Walrath & Holmes: Tom Duffy, Ernie Silva, Dave L. Walrath
Napa County Mental Health: Jim Featherstone
National Center for Court Administration: Dan Hall, Vice President
National Center on Education and the Economy: Anthony Carnevale, Delaine Eastin
National Committee for Quality Assurance
National Conference of State Legislatures: Larry Morandi
National Evaluation Systems: Bill Gorth, President; Les McCallum, Program Assistant
National Performance Review: Bob Stone, Former Director
Native American Heritage Commission: Larry Myers, Executive Director
Naval Postgraduate School: James Suchan, Associate Professor
New Jersey State, Department of Education: Bernie Plaia
New York State, Department of Civil Service: Paul Kaiser, David Pietrusza
New York State Lottery: Connie Laverty
New York State, Bureau of Revenue Initiatives and Fraud: Jeff Flora
New York State, Child Support Enforcement: Margot Bean, Director
New York State, Department of Health Bureau: Linda Kelly, Richard Nussbaum
New York State, Department of Medicaid Management: Joseph Guy
New York State, Department of Taxation and Finance: Arnold Dorman, Donna Schofield
New York State, Division of Environmental Remediation: Brian Humphry
New York State, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services: Marie Spada
New York State, Office of Temporary Assistance and Disability: Richard Radzyminski
New York State, Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities: Lisa Kowalik
NIC: Keith Schraad
Nielsen, Auersoft-Visual Vaultª: Brent Bollong, President
Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Mueller and Naylor LLP: Eric Miethke, Bob Naylor
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California: Diane J. Spaulding, Executive Director
Norcal Waste Systems: Don Gamblin
North Carolina State: Judith Bell
North Sacramento School District: Linda Fowler, Doug Marquand
Northern California Water Association: David Guy, Executive Director
Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC): Charles Brown, Executive Director
Nossaman Gunther Knox Elliott LLP: Christopher J. Walker, Legislative Advocate
Nuffer Smith Tucker: Kerry Tucker, Chief Executive Officer
OEHHA: George Alexeeff, Margie Leary, Val Siebal
Office of Administrative Hearings: Ron Diedrich, Director
Office of Administrative Law: Debra Cornez
Office of Emergency Services: Jeff Kinder, John Isaacson
Office of Environmental Health: Michael DiBartolomeis
Office of HIPPA Implementation: Burt Cohen
Office of Homeland Security: Ron Iden
Office of Orange County Supervisor: Chris Norby, Bruce Whitaker
Office of Senator Deborah Ortiz: Sylvia J. Ruiz, Assistant Consultant
Office of Statewide Health Planning: David Carlisle M.D., Director
Office of Technology Transfer, University of California: Suzanne K. Quick, Ph.D., Wendy Streitz
Office of the Attorney General: Darrel Doke, Jana Ott, Jim Schivenza
Office of the Attorney General: Irene Tamura
Office of the Chancellor, California State University: Jolayne Service, Dean, Academic Program Planning
Office of the Governor: David Crane, Special Advisor to the Governor for Jobs and Economic Growth
Office of the Secretary for Education: Richard Riordan, Secretary for Education, Anne McKinney, Assistant Secretary for Higher Education, Eric Skinner, Assistant Secretary of Fiscal Policy, Hannah Skandera, Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, Paul Escala, Chief of Staff
Office of Traffic Safety: Christopher Murphy, Acting Director
Offices of Senators Burton, Kuehl & Sher: Senate consultants
Ohio State, Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired: William Casto
Ohio State, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation: Jack Downs
Ohio State, Department of Drug Addiction Services: Doug Day
Ohio State, Department of Health: Katie Donahue
Ohio State, Project Manager for E-mail Consolidation: Sam Van Schoyck, Information Security Officer
Ohio State, School Facilities Commission: Rick Savers
One Gigabit or Bust Initiative, CENIC, Community Outreach: Julie Van Fleet, Director, Susan Estrada, Director
Oneworld Communications Inc.: Mark Allen
OnTrack Joint Powers Authority: Chris Becker
Options: Kelly O'Connell
Oracle Corporation: Ronnie Christensen, Technology Sales Manager
Orange County Mental Health: Tim Mullins, Former Director
Oregon State, Chief Procurement Officer: Diane Lancaster
Oregon State, Department of Consumer and Business Service: David Sparks
Oregon State, Department of General Administration: Dugan Petty
Oregon State, Department of Human Services: Jon Cooper
Oregon State, Department of Transportation: Jim Whitty
Oregon State, Marketing Coordinator: Nancy Ahlbin
Oregon State, Office of Mental Health and Addiction Services: Robert Nikkel, Administrator
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe: Michael Beckius
Pacific Gas & Electric: Dan Richard, Vice President
Patillo and Associates: Charles L. Patillo, Principal
Pennsylvania State, Department of Public Welfare: Jean Rush
Perfect Commerce: Mike Woodruff
Performance Institute: Carl Domain
Pfizer: Donna M. Kaylor
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America: Merrill R. Jacobs
Pitney Bowes: Joseph M. Ercolano, Michael B. Heacock
Placer County, Department of Health and Human Services: Bud Bautista, Vicki Spannagel
Placer County: Holly Heinzen, Deputy County Executive Officer
Placer County: John Marin, Chief Assistant to the Board of Supervisors
Plain Language Action and Information Network (NPR): Annetta Cheek, Director
Plain Language Association International: Susan Milne, President
Planning and Construction League: Fred Keeley
PNP Associates: Max Chmura, President
Policy Studies, Inc: Robert Williams, President
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP: Doug Anderson, Mark Aprea, Jon Sperring
Principal Consultant, Economic Strategy Panel: Ed Kawahara
Prison Industry Authority: Marty Ewing, Pat Fitzgerald, Jan Gephardt, Frank Losco, Rita Mollica
Professional Engineers in California Government: Bruce Banning, Dennis Alexander
Protection & Advocacy, Inc.: Catherine Blakemore, Executive Director
PSI Group, Inc: Nicholas S. Sariballs
Public Employee Relations Board: John Duncan, Chair; Bob Thompson, General Counsel
Public Employees Retirement System: Barbara Lara, Barbara Owens, Barbara Stocking, Charleen Maxwell, Gloria Moore Andrews, Kathy Vaughn, Joyce Vermeersch, Richard Adlama, Rick Nelson, Steve Donald, Sylvia Valverde
Public Policy Institute of California: Fred Silva, Junfu Zhang, Mark Baldassare, Tim Ransdell
PublicBuy: Guy Pagisi
Public Utilities Commission: Richard Clark, Director, Consumer Protection and Safety Division
Qwest: Caesar R. Kavadoy, Director; J. Thomas McGrath, Mike Smith, Charles L. Ward
Ramey, Macomber, and Associates LLC: Gary Macomber
Randle Communications: Jeff Randle, President/CEO; Mitch Zak, Vice President/Partner
Reason Foundation: Adrian Moore, Joel Schwartz, Lisa Snell, Robert Pool
Recruiters Roundtable: Gene Castillo
Redding Chamber of Commerce: Frank J. Strazzarino, Jr., President/CEO
Rees and Associates, Inc.: Kathryn C. Rees, President
Regional Center of Orange County: Bill Bowman, Chief Executive Officer; Bette Baber
Regional Council of Rural Counties: Patricia Megason, James Hemmiger
Remy, Thomas, Moose & Manley: James G. Moose
Renova Partners: Susan Hollingshead
Resources Agency: Michael Chrisman, Secretary; Karen Scarborough, Undersecretary
Resources Agency: Cathy Bleier, John Ellison, David Harris, Sandra Ikuta, Chris Potter, Mike Spear, Melinda Terry, Crawford Tuttle, Don Wallace, Dave Widell
Revenue Plus: Jerry Anderson, Sales Manager
RFPDepot: Eric Heaps, Joe McCaul
Riverside County Mental Health: John Ryan, Director
Riverside County Transportation Commission: Cathy Rodriguez Bechtel, Director of Planning and Programming
Riverside Victim/Witness Assistance Center: Martie Crawford, Retired
Robert Ichimura, Consultant
Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California: David Marsh, Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Rotteveel Orchards: John Rotteveel
Sabrina Venskus, Attorney
SACOG: Mike McKeever
Sacramento County, Auditor-Controller's Division: Kim Le
Sacramento County: Brian Chin, Deputy Director
Sacramento County, Department of Finance: Guy Fuson
Sacramento County, Department of Health and Human Services
Sacramento County, Hispanic Foster Parent Association
Sacramento County, Public Defender's Office: Michael Siverling, Supervising Criminal Investigator
Sacramento Employment and Training Agency: Kathy Kossick
Sacramento Hispanic Foster Parent Association: Hilda Navarro, President
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency: Beverly Fretz-Brown
Sacramento Municipal Utility District: Jan Schori, Jim Shetler
Sacramento Police Department: Albert Najera, Chief of Police; Gina E. Barbato-Knepp, Communications Division
Sacramento Works: Diana Douglas
San Bernardino County Associated Governments: Norm King, Executive Director
San Bernardino County Behavioral Health: Rudy Lopez, Director
San Bernardino County Department of Public Health: Alexander F. Taylor, Public Health Manager
San Diego Association of Governments: Gary Gallegos, Executive Director; Jack Boda, Department Director; Janet Fairbanks
San Diego City Schools: Alan D. Bersin, Superintendent of Public Education
San Diego State University: Lionel "Skip" Meno, Ph.D., Dean, College of Education
San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board: Stephen Hill
San Francisco Behavioral Health: James Stillwell
San Francisco Department of Social Services: Joan Boomer
San Joaquin County Victim/Witness Assistance Center: Diane Batres
San Joaquin Valley Water Coalition: Mike Kahoe, Lou Smallwood
San Jose Community Conservation Corps: Bob Hennessey, Executive Director
San Jose Unified School District, Department of Secondary Education: Bonnie Piche, Director of Secondary Education; Joanna MacGrady, Staff Associate
San Jose Unified School District, Pioneer High School: Barbara Lepiane, Principal
San Jose Unified School District, San Jose Academy High School: Betsy Doss, Principal
San Luis Obispo Council of Governments: Ron DeCarli, Executive Director
San Luis Obispo County Victim/Witness Assistance Center: Cindy Marie Absey
Santa Clara County Water District: Greg Zlotnick, Director
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority: Mike Evanhoe
Santa Cruz County Mental Health: Norman Wyman, Director
Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission: Linda Wilshusen, Executive Director
Santa Monica College: Piedad Robertson, Superintendent/President
SAP America, Inc.: Scott Hunter, Maurice Torres
SAP Public Services, Inc.: Peggy R. Phelps, Senior Account Executive
Sausal Corporation: James Ward
SBC California: Bill Childers, Technical Director
SBC California: Ed Mossbaugh, Regional Vice President
SBC Global Services, Inc.: Bob Vilsoet, Director, Systems Integration
SBC Pacific Bell: Stephen Riehl, Regional Director, State of California
SBC West: Bob Campbell, Sales Vice President
School Advisory Services: Stephanie Gonos
School Services of California, Inc.: Nancy LaCasse, Director, Legislative Services
Science Applications International Corporation: Al Herson
Secretary of State: Andrew Hinkle, Frank Andrade, Jose Nevarez, Judy Riley, Kirstin Hill, Larry Crabtree, Larry Inoshita, Lynette Wong, Patrick Poon, Walter Gray
Seismic Safety Commission: Dick McCarthy, Donald Manning, Donald Parker
Selmack, Simmons & Dunn: Timothy Taylor
Shasta County Mental Health: Don Kingdon, PhD, Director
Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency: Dan Kovacich, Executive Director
SICOMMNET: Lawrence Dober, Ellen M. Mode
Siebel Systems, Inc.: Michael E. Harrison, Dana Israel, Michael A. Livingston, Kevin Nix, Brian Stone
Sierra Club: Bill Magavern
Simpson Partners: David W. Tollen
Skilled Healthcare: Curt Smith, Executive Director
Sloat Higgins Jensen and Associates: Maureen Higgins, Managing Partner, Governmental Advocate
Social Security Administration: Ellery Brown, Rosalyn Echols
Solarize, LLC: Larry Asera
Song-Brown Family Physician Training: Melissa Omand
Sonoma County Department of Child Support Services: Cynthia Moore, Director
Sonoma County Mental Health: Catherine Geary, Director
South Bay Workforce Investment Board: Jan Vogel, Executive Director
Southern California Council of Governments: Mark Pisano, Executive Director
Southern California Edison: Robert Foster, President; Manuel Alvarez
Southwest Airlines: Rose Valentinetti
Special Advisor to President Bush: Stephen Goldsmith, Chairman of the Corporation for National and Community Service
St. Anton Partners: Steven L. Eggert
Stafford King Wiese Architects: Brian Wiese
Stanford University, Teacher Education School of Education: Charles E. Ducommun, Professor of Education; Linda Darling Hammond
Stanislaus Council of Governments: Gary Dickson, Executive Director
Stanislaus County Behavioral Health: Dan Souza, Director
Stanislaus County Behavioral Health: Larry Poaster, PhD., Director, Retired
Stanislaus County Office of Education: Edward King, Director, Workforce Development
State Allocation Board: Bruce Hancock, Assistant Executive Officer
State and Consumer Services Agency: Fred Aguiar, Secretary, George Valverde, Undersecretary
State and Consumer Services Agency: Andrew Armani, Bill Maile
State Board of Guide Dogs: Harry Thomas, Executive Director
State Compensation Insurance Fund: Colette Barritt, Pat Quintana, Suzanne Ah-tye
State Controller's Office: Alice Fong, Bill Steffinhaggin, Bob Curry, Bob Stonehouse, Butch Massoni, David L. Dawson, Dennis Valentine, Don Rose, Donald Scheppmann, Gerre Buehler, Ginny Brummels, Greg Brummels, Greg Larson, John Harrigan, John Korach, Lisa Casalegno, Lori Johnson, Nancy Valle, Natalie Clohossy, Olivia Cortes, Patricia L. Quinn, Paul Criss, Rob Huarte, Sharlene Christianson, Stephen L. Edwards, Steve Matranga, Terry Bridges, Tracy Cummings, Walter Barnes, Wayne Beck, Jan Higa
State Farm Insurance Companies: Denise Ruggiero
State First 5 Commission: Judy Stucki
State Lands Commission: Paul Thayer
State Lottery: Dennis Sequeira, Interim Director
State Lottery: Rosa Escutia, Jim Hasegawa, Eric Sakakihara, Anthony Molica, Joe Symkowick State Personnel Board: Laura Aguilera, Interim Executive Officer, Anne Sheehan, Board Member, Irene Riego, Lori Gillihan, Ted Edwards, Sandra Estrada, Shelley Langan, Victor Mendoza
State Teachers' Retirement System: Mary Fernandez
State Treasurer Office: Barbara Lloyd, Francisco Lujano
State Water Contractors Association: Terry Erlewine, General Manager; John Coburn, Dee Dillon Stellent Inc.: Jack Johnson, Vice President
Stephen P. Teale Data Center: Craig Grivette, Director
Stephen P. Teale Data Center: Bill Howe, Claire Yee, Davood Ghods, Kelvin Pye, Marilyn S. Lee-Nielsen
Sterling & Selesnick, Inc.: Herb Selesnick
STI Knowledge, Inc.: Tom Stockmeyer
Stockton Redevelopment Agency: Kitty Walker
Structural Pest Control Board: Kelli Okuma
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration: Gail Hutchins
Summer School for the Arts:Katrina Dolenga
Sunset Consulting: David Brotman
Sustainable Energy Planning Office, Gas Technology Institute: Doug Newman, Manager
Sutter Health: Carl Schuerman
Tahoe Conservancy: Dennis Terradex, Bob Wenzlau
Texas State, Austin Director: Tony Gilman
Texas State, Cash and Securities Management: Tom Smelker, Manager
Texas State, Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Brad Bergeson
Texas State, Comptroller of Accounts: Jena Thomas, Robert T. Chapa, Jr., Elizabeth Vargas, Mike Reissig
Texas State, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services: Ed Kunz, John Reynolds, Lewis Howell
Texas State, Department of Information Resources: Bill Miller, Support Services Manager
Texas State, Grants Team: Denise Francis, Director
Texas State, Health and Human Services Commission: Patrick Gillis, Gary Gumbert
Texas State, Incentive and Productivity Commission: Michael Dobbs
Texas State, Long-Term Care Rate Analysis Unit: Carolyn Pratt
Texas State, Lottery: Robert Tirloni
Texas State, Office of Court Administration: Rene Henry, Collections Project Manager
Texas State, Office of Eligibility Services: Aurora LeBrun, Director
Texas State, Office of Eligibility Services: Sherry McCulley
Texas State, Office of the Attorney General: Barry J. Brooks, Assistant Attorney General
Texas State, PMP, Electronic Government Program Management Office: Shannon Porterfield, Director
Texas State, State Auditors Office: Tony Garrant, Acting State Classification Officer
Texas State, Workers Health and Safety: Bill Decabooter
Texas State, Workers' Compensation Commission: Ron Tom
Texas State, Workforce Investment Board: John Fuller, Luis Macias
The Apex Group: Paul P. Gladfelty
The Association of California Highway Patrolmen: Jon Hamm, Executive Director; Mark Muscardini, President
The City of New York: Gino P. Menchini, Commissioner, Chief Information Officer
The Community College Foundation: Joyce Schriebman, Vice President of Industry Relations and Marketing
The Greystone Group, Inc.: Steve Gunderson, Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Washington The Johnson Group: Patricia Johnson, President
The Performance Institute: Carl DeMaio, Benjamin Neumann
The Wine Institute: Eric Stein
Thomas Cooley Law School: Joe Kimble, Professor of Law
Touch Sonic Technologies, Inc.: Jack Long, Vice President
Touch Sonic Technologies, Inc.: Tony Valencia
Travis Air Force Base: Michelle Agee, Michael Douglas
Trust for Public Land: Rachel Dinno
TURN: Bob Finklestein, Executive Director
TURN: Mike Florio, General Counsel
U.S. EPA Region IX-Brownfields: Jim Hanson
U.S. Communities: Steve Hamill
UC Regents: Leigh Trivette, Secretariat
Union of American Physicians and Dentists: Gary Robinson
United Airlines: Alan B. Wayne, Regional Director, Governmental and Public Affairs
United Farm Workers: Shami Shafii
United States Department of Agriculture: Janet Allen, Paul Lehman
United States Department of Education: Bryan Bashin, Diana Koreski, Noel Nightingale, Joe Pepin United States Department of Homeland Security: Ilene Gast, John Carnegis, Marc Pulverman, Matt Bettenhausen
United States Department of Labor: John Humphrey, Maria Flynn
United States Environmental Protection Agency: Wayne Nastri, Region IX Administrator; Ann Carol, Steve Linder, Steven McNeely
United States Geological Society: Lucile M. Jones, Ph.D.
United States Office of Personnel Management: Jill Hansen
United States Senate, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee: Senator Gregg, Chair (office of); William Lucia, Education and Budget Advisor
United States Small Business Administration: Jim O'Neal, Director
University of California, Berkeley: David Dowall, John Landis, Martin Wachs
University of California, Davis: Alan Bennett, Bryan Jenkins, Dana Simmons, Kathy Klenzendorg
University of California, Irvine: Wendell Brase, Vice Chancellor; Sarah L. Catz, Director
University of California, Los Angeles, Occupational/Environmental Health Center: John Froins, Ph.D, Director
University of California, Los Angeles: Regina Benson
University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law: Michael R. Asimow
University of California, Los Angeles, School of Public Health: Linda Rosenstock, MD, Dean
University of California, Santa Barbara: Mike Furlong, Associate Professor
University of California, Santa Cruz: Robert Fairlie, Director of Masters Program in Applied Economics and Finance
University of California Business & Finance Operations: Colleen Nickles, Director
University of California Office of the President: Debora Obley, Assistant Vice President-Budget Development and External Relations
University of California Office of the President: Diana Hume, Senior Legal Secretary
University of California Office of the President: Kevin Roddy, Lecturer
University of California Research Administration and Technology Transfer: Alan B. Bennett, Ph.D., Executive Director
University of California Regents: Leigh Trivette, Secretary of the Regents
University of California State Governmental Relations: Steve Arditti, Assistant Vice President and Director
University of Florida at Miami: Ron Gilbert
University of Southern California: Chester Newland
University of Southern California: David Logan, Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California: Genevive Giuliano, School of Policy Planning and Development
University of Southern California: Randolph W. Hall, Senior Associate Dean of Research and Chair of Epstein Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Southern California: Richard Callahan
URS Consultants: Ron Chin, Erin Garner Douglas D. Anderson
USA Properties Fund: Geoffrey Brown
Val Verde Unified School District: C. Fred Workman, Ed.D. Superintendent
Ventura County Department of Child Support Services: Brenda Morris
Ventura County Department of Child Support Services: Stanley C. Trom, Director
Ventura County District Attorney's Office: Greg Totten, District Attorney
Ventura County Transportation Commission: Peter DeHaan
Veraphone: Greg McFaul
Vermont Finance and Management: Otto Trautz, Director Budget and Operations
Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board: Adelena Zendejas, Catherine Close, Chris Aceituno, Christie Munson, David Shaw, Jennifer Shaffer, Karen McGagin, Laura Hill, Mark Lamb, Peggy Addams, Pete Williams, Steve Hall
Virginia State, Department of Environmental Quality: Jamie Shield
Virginia State: Herb Hill
Vision Services Plan: Roger Valine, CEO
Vista Broadband Networks: Scott Mindemann, Chairman and CEO
Washington State: Christina Valadez, Assistant Director for Training and Development Services
Washington State, Department of Ecology: Bari Schreiner, Plain Language Coordinator
Washington State, Department of Labor and Industries: Dana Botka, Manager
Washington State, Department of Licensing: Nancy Skewis, Administrator
Washington State, Procurement Officer: Bill Joplin
Washington Workforce and Education Coordinating Board: Carl Wolfhagen, Policy & Research
Waste Management Inc.: Kent Stoddard
Water Resources Control Board: Arthur Baggett, Chair; Celeste Cantu, Executive Director; Allan Patton, Clark Emch, Darrin Polhemus, Tom Jones, Wayne Pierson
Wellpoint, Inc.: Leticia Mendez, Michael Turrell, Chad Westover
West Virginia Chief Financial Officer: Jason Haught
Western Blue: Terry Jostlin
Western Governors Association: Chris McKinnon, Project Director
Western Growers Association: Hank Giclas, Jasper Hempel
Wildlife Conservation Board: Al Wright
Woodland Joint Unified School District: Bob Salley, School Board Trustee
Worker's Compensation Appeals Board: Frederick T. Dietrich Jr., Merle Rabine
Xerox Corporation: Ron Speno, Cynthia Z. Veri
Yolo County Department of Social Services: Jerry Rose, Director
Yolo County Foster Parent Association
Youth and Adult Correctional Agency: Roderick Hickman, Secretary
Yuba County One Stop Center: Bill Simmons, Director