Corrections Independent Review Panel

Reforming California's Youth and Adult Correctional System

Today's correctional system has little accountability, no uniformity and no transparency. The report from the Independent Review Panel contains recommended reforms to the existing organizational structure and operations, and when implemented, will return California to a national leadership role in youth and adult correctional systems.

Independent Review in PDF: From Intro to 6 (pdf), From 7 to 11 (pdf) and All Appendices (pdf.)

Executive Summary

Executive Summary Transmittal Letter

Executive Summary


Report Transmittal Letter


1. A Reorganization Plan for Corrections

2. Ethics and Culture

3. Employee Investigations and Discipline

4. Use of Force

5. Personnel and Training

6. Risk Management and Health Care

7. Inmate and Parolee Population Management

8. Ward and Parolee Population Management

9. Closures

10. Labor Contract

11. Information Technology

Report Appendices

A. Implementation

B. Legal Discussion

C. Proposed Statutory and Constitutional Changes

D. Bibliography

E. Individual Contacts

Panel Members and Staff